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Training Simulation For Customer Relations Oil Change

Training Simulation

Unlike other training where processes are taught one step at a time, a recent oil and gas client worked with us to create a challenging training simulation.


The training simulation was part of a comprehensive technician support program that included instructor-led and hands-on training. The in-person training was completed prior to the training simulation, allowing the simulation to provide a real-world challenge. The learner was tested on their recall and recognition of items they learned in the hands-on training.


The training simulation:

  • Served as realistic practice before interacting with customers
  • Reviewed critical safety measures
  • Reinforced key concepts introduced in the hands-on training


The eLearning itself included a detailed replica of the on-the-job work environment. From lifelike  illustrations and imagery of engine components and repair tools to realistic placement of stock and supplies, leaners could easily imagine themselves there.


In the simulation, learners were challenged to perform a specific service, in the right order, using the right tools. It allowed learners to practice independently, then try and possibly fail real-world challenges.


Participants enjoy the thoughtful learning experience of beginning with an in-person learning experience, followed by training simulation where they are able to practice knowledge and skills, and finally on-the-job learning in which they feel confident and successful in their ability to help customers. The success of this project is shown in client learner feedback, but it also won an award for its unique and realistic training simulation design.

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Code of Conduct Training, With A Twist

Code of Conduct Training

A Code of Conduct is compliance backbone of any large organization. It provides the foundation for all employees to operate from. A well-written Code of Conduct clarifies an organization’s values and links them to standards of professional conduct and day-to-day behavior. A well-executed Code of Conduct training puts the words into action.


Code of Conduct training provides an opportunity to explain an organization’s ethical behavior principles and engage employees in scenarios in which they can practice applying them. It is typically a component of a comprehensive compliance training program. 


Our client needed a way to explain their revised Code of Conduct to all associates, across many levels of the organization. The training needed to resonate with and engage leaders and those on the shop floor.


A custom scavenger hunt-style, animated eLearning program was created to meet this need. In the training, learners explore a town, listening to podcasts, observing various scenarios, and completing challenges, in order to collect items in their backpack. The result is an exciting story-based game in which learners can see how small details can make a big difference in ethical behavior and decision making. This project won an award for its innovation, design, and results.


New to Code of Conduct or compliance training? Start here.

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Multifaceted Topic Requires Inventive Solution: Healthcare Conflicts of Interest Video Training

Conflicts of Interest Training

Conflicts of interest in business are often more complex than they appear. A recent healthcare client needed a way to explain conflicts of interest considerations for their research and development teams.


The conflict of interest policy presented nuances and intricacies for consideration when evaluating a specific situation for potential conflicts of interest. A long, drawn-out presentation discussing these details wasn’t going to cut it though. The team needed a way to bring the information to life; a way to help their teams make the connection between policy requirements and day-to-day working relationships.


Our learning consultants and visual designers worked with the client on a variety of scenario-driven animated video concepts. They zeroed in on a concept that emphasized individual conscience in determining right from wrong and considering the big picture.


Teams partnered to ensure critical conflict of interest details were captured alongside an engaging and relatable scenario. The result? An award-winning, three-minute animated video that helps client teams better understand their role in identifying and assessing situations. Ultimately, decreasing compliance risk and improving important research.    

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Award-Winning Training Creating Defined Results

Industry leaders continue to recognize LHT Learning as an immeasurable force within learning and development. Producing over 50 award-winning training experiences within the last few years alone, LHT Learning continues to drive innovation and results.


Award-winning custom digital learning programs have been recognized by Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards, Communicator Awards, Davey Awards, Horizon Awards, and OMNI Awards.


These organizations recognize the best-of-the-best in training, design, creativity, and results.


Clients note that the award-winning learning solutions have created defined results within their teams. From enhancing compliance programs to driving increased sales, training solutions must first engage employees and then resonate with them. The training award is often simply the icing on the cake of an already successful client experience.


LHT Learning is proud of our partnerships with clients who willingly think outside the box to deliver learning experiences that connect information to action. Take a look at a few of our award-winning client stories here.

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